Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water systems get most of the lime light. But the reality is there are many other technologies available to reduce/offset energy consumption. Capital Sun Group principles have more then 30 years of experience reducing and offsetting energy use for buildings large and small. CSG talks to each customer individually and decide together which technologies should be employed. Unlike other companies who think a “one size fits all” approach is more profitable. Besides designing, installing, and servicing photovoltaic and solar thermal systems; Capital Sun Group also offers LED and day lighting systems, radiant barrier coatings, passive solar, ground-source heat pumps, window quilt and inflector, and many others.

LEDs and Day Lighting

Abington Elementary School Solar Powered LED Sign

Abington Elementary School Solar Powered LED Sign

Artificial lighting accounts for as much as 50% of the energy consumption in commercial and institutional buildings, 20% of energy consumption in industry, and 10% of energy consumption in homes. LEDs or Light emitting diodes only use 10% of the energy used in traditional lighting. Along with using less energy LEDs last longer, most have a lifetime 50 times longer then incandescent bulbs. Capital Sun Group can assess your lighting needs and once those are determined supply and install a LED lighting and/or Day lighting system. Capital Sun also installs solar powered LED lighting kits for walkways and signs. (Source:

Radiant Barrier Coatings

Lomit Application

Lomit Radiant Barrier Paint Being Installed

Capital Sun Group uses a radiant barrier paint called Lo-Mit to reduce customers cooling needs in the summer. The Lo-Mit product is sprayed on the underside of buildings to reduce the heat that is radiated into the attic during hot sunny days. This can drop air conditioning costs up to 15%. Whether you install it or we do, Lo-Mit is great product to reduce your energy consumption and impact on the environment.

Passive Solar

passive solar design

Passive Solar Design

Your home can be designed to collect, store, and distribute heat from the sun in the winter and repel that same heat in the summer. Passive solar designs can provide up to 80% of a normal home’s heat when designed correctly. Capital Sun Group can work with you or your architect to implement passive solar technologies into a new or existing structure.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Geothermal Loop Examples

Different Types of Geothermal Loops

Also know as geothermal heat pumps, Capital Sun Group uses the relatively constant temperature of the earth to reduce customers heating and cooling needs. Instead of using the air as the heat exchange medium, ground source heat pumps use the ground, by means of pipe loops in the ground. These loops use a transfer fluid to absorb heat in the winter and relinquish it in the winter. The ground maintains a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees year around. This relatively constant temperature greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to cool buildings on hot days and warm them on cold days. (Source: NREL.GOV)

Window Quilt and Inflector

Inflector Uses

Inflector Winter & Summer Use

Your home gains unwanted heat in the summer and losses needed heat in the winter. Capital Sun Group sells and installs Window Quilt thermal shades for windows and sliding doors. They install indoors and are made of fabric with an integrated radiant film. They roll up and down in tracks to seal windows from letting cold air inside. They also block the hot sun in the summer. Window Quilts, unlike the transparent Inflector technology mentioned below, cannot be seen through. Reflectors (Inflector) for windows can cut heat gain by 70%, protect furnishings from sun induced fading, and also reduce heat losses through windows in the winter. You can see through them and they let light in.

Waste Water Heat Recovery

GFX Diagram

Waste Heat Recovery Unit

A Drain Water Heat Recovery System is a remarkable technology that reclaims a tremendous amount of heat energy that normally runs down your drain. Normally 80-90% of hot water goes down the drain, this system can recover as much as 60%. It increases the ability of your existing water heater to meet your hot water requirements without increasing its size. The GFX is inexpensive, installs easily, and pays for itself in endless warm showers and saved energy. We sell and install GFX Heat Xchanger products.