Wilson Aquatic Center

Project Description

Capital Sun Group competed for and won a design build contract for the Wilson Aquatic Center in Washington, DC. An electrical consultant had done specifications for the system size and type of solar collectors and inverters. The project architect had laid out an array design. Capital Sun analyzed the design and determined that the panel location was suboptimal because of shading. We provided a sunpath analysis and briefing to convince the prime contractor the array should be moved. Capital Sun determined the array configuration employing a ballast based mounting system, and verified the amount of ballast the mounting supplier recommended. Capital Sun created the string design configuration for the array and settled on the number of inverters. Capital Sun also designed an internet based public display monitor showing real time data and a photographic display of the system, construction, and attributes for public viewing. The overall system size was 36.7 kW system installed on a TPO type nearly flat roof.

Energy Savings

The energy produced by the system from June 2009 to August 10, 2010 was 40,787.18 kWh. This information was recorded and displaced on SMA’s Sunny Portal.