Solar Thermal

Solar electric systems generate the most attention but solar thermal systems are more efficient and in some cases have a faster return on investment. Solar thermal systems use the technology of converting solar energy into thermal energy(heat). This thermal energy is usually transferred to a water, water/glycol, or air medium using various solar collectors and systems. This thermal energy is mostly used to heat a building or a buildings hot water supply but can be used for all most any application that needs thermal energy. Capital Sun Group has installed the systems below individually as well as in combination.

Residential Solar Domestic Hot Water

Residential Solar Water heaters can deliver 100% of the energy needed for hot water from April to November and over a year they can save their owners 70% of the cost of heating water. For all-electric homes, the savings can equal $300 to $450 per year at current electric rates. Solar water heaters run without maintenance for years. Warranty coverage is strong, and the real cost of buying a solar energy system has come down 40% over the last 20 years. If installed on credit, these systems save the owner more money each month than the monthly loan payment.

Solar Hot Water System
Source: Department of Energy

Radiant Floor Heating

The same process as above can be used to heat a home by circulating the heated water through tubes in the floor. This does not require the water to as the hot domestic hot water system but will require a larger tank. Along with being very efficient radiant floor heating is the most comfortable way to heat a house(from your feet up).

Solar Hot Water to Air

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Pool Heating

This is the most efficient of all of the residential solar technologies. It is cheaper to install because the system uses the the existing pool filtration system to circulate the water through the panels. This eliminates the need for expensive tanks, pumps and other parts needed in other solar thermal systems.

Solar Air Panels

Capital Sun uses a few different types of solar air heating systems. Solar space heating panels are mostly used for residential customers. These box collectors pull air from the house through the panel back into the house, raising the return air temperature 40-50 Degrees. These system are very inexpensive for homeowners resulting in payback of a few years. We also install solar walls and roofs. For these systems we install metal panels on the walls and roof with enough space for the for air to be heated and pulled into the building for use as preheat ventilation air, furnished process heat or preheat combustion air for boilers.

For customers unsure of whether a solar energy system is a good choice for them, Capital Sun will perform an on-site energy assessment. Besides determining what kind of solar water heating, space heating, or combination system is possible, Capital Sun’s principals will check fenestration, building insulation, and other systems to recommend energy efficiency measures. The rate for a consultation is $125.00 per hour and one to two hours are usually required. The assessment will ultimately result in many hundreds of dollars in savings.