American University – School of International Studies Building

Project Description

Capital Sun Group was hired by Quinn Evans Architects to analyze the building plans and develop a design for a photovoltaic system and a solar water heating system. Capital Sun designed the PV system, and also designed three solar water heaters and a solar ventilation air heating system. The PV system was downsized and built by others. Capital Sun built and commissioned the three solar water heaters using glazed flat plate collectors and a closed loop antifreeze design. The ventilation air heating system consisted of fabricating metal wall sections on two of the walls of the roof elevator and HVAC equipment penthouse. They are 820 and 275 square feet solar collectors. The wall construction created air space behind a black metal skin and the heated air is withdrawn and ducted by fans to the ventilation air intakes for the building located in the roof penthouse.

Energy Savings

The solar water heating systems installed are estimated to produce 3,960 kWh per year. And the Solar collectors are estimated to produce a total of 834 therms or 24,442 kWh per year

Performance Evaluation

Mr. Darweesh was consistently a very positive person to work with and expressed his satisfaction with the design and installation. Capital Sun’s original designs were accepted by the American University architect’s office as configured. Only the PV system was downsized due to cost. Ragy Darweesh, Whiting Turner

AU Green